Meet Devorah. A single mother with 8 children. 

Devorah has picked up and left her home and most of her belongings with her two youngest daughters, Rivka and Shterna. Her eldest remains in Ukraine while her other children have already left to study in various Yeshivas world over. 

To get to Lviv, a Ukrainian city bordering Poland, Devorah and her daughters had to go on a train car built for 60-70 people that was instead filled with closer to 400 people. Hours and hours they spent on this squashed train. They were unable to use their cellphones because any signal might be picked up by the Russians and they could G-d forbid have bombed the train. 

Once in the bordering city of Lviv, Devorah had to wait on lines sometimes for 14 hours straight in the freezing cold to possibly obtain a visa. After multiple lines and multiple waits, she was finally successful in obtaining visas to cross over to Warsaw.

From Warsaw she managed to get papers to go to Israel where two of her sons were already waiting for her.

Not even a week ago they arrived in Israel with but a few of their belongings. 

A new life awaits them. Having left so much of their life behind in Ukraine, Devorah and her beautiful children need our help to build their new one.


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