Camp Gan Israel 2022

COVID-19 Policies

We are a DOH licensed program and follow all of the Department of Health regulations in maintaining a COVID safe environment.

The health of our campers and staff is our first priority.

We ask all campers and staff to self-monitor for symptoms for 10 days prior to the start of camp. We also ask campers and staff to please refrain from any high risk situations such as travel and large gatherings. Please adhere to all state quarantine guidelines throughout camp.

Staggered arrival and dismissal

Arrival time will be staggered between 9:15 am and 9:30 am. Staff members will greet your child at the building entrance/lobby and complete an overall health check. All children and staff members will wash their hands before entering their classroom.

Dismissal times will be staggered 2:15-2:30 pm, 3:30-3:45 pm, and Fridays 12:45-1 pm, 1:15-1:30 pm. Staff will bring your child to the lobby to your designated pickup person.

Bunk Pods / Social Distancing 

Decreasing student density and limiting exposure to more people than necessary is critical to reducing the rapid spread of Covid-19. To that end, we will make several changes to the way we do things.

Each bunk will remain separate from other bunks creating isolated “pods” so as to limit exposure. Pods can be up to 36 children so a few groups can be together for certain activities and shows.

More tables will be set up within the classroom so that children are less dense during activities and meal time.

Snacks and lunch will be served as individual portions.

Naptime (mini Gan Israel): Children will bring their own linens which will be kept in labeled bags. The linens will be sent home weekly for washing. Cots will be labeled with each child’s name. Cots will be placed head to foot.

Hand Washing 

Students and staff will be required to wash their hands throughout the day. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed in each classroom as well as in common areas and the entrance of our building.


All classrooms, bathrooms, office space, and kitchen will be sanitized daily after hours.

Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected frequently during the day.

Doorknobs, light switches, classroom sink handles, countertops, toilets, tables, chairs, changing tables, cots and cubbies will be wiped down to ensure your child’s safety.

Cleaning materials are EPA approved and kept secure and out of reach of children.

Camp Closures and Quarantine 

If a child or counselor in your child’s bunk is confirmed with Covid 19 they are obligated to quarantine. The Department of health will be notified and advise us on the status of the other members of that bunk.

In all scenarios we will keep the entire parent body informed of any cases of Covid 19 or possible exposure.